35 Years Experience

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Honoring The Craft

Each vehicle interior is hand crafted by
Stitchwurx to limitless specifications by skilled
veterans who honor the craft with unwavering
precision and meticulous attention to detail.


Passion for Precision

Company Background

Stitchwurx is the brainchild of our CEO and lead designer, Rick Esterly. Rick is a creative upholsterer, fabricator and owner of Stitchwurx in beautiful Coeur d'Alene, ID, USA. He is passionately committed to clean lines and personal details. At Stitchwurx, we truly care about doing it right, the first time.

Rick has deep creative roots in the automotive design industry, having expanded into the marine environment over the decades. The passion for creating unique vehicle experiences through Rick's vision of interior comfort and design are what drive Stitchwurx forward and ahead.


Committed to Excellence

Our Mission

Stitchwurx has the unique gift of being able to see the finished details of a project and we unfailingly strive to achieve those details on every project.
Our aim is to provide a professional and honest service, while collaborating with our clients and respecting their budget throughout the process.

We are dedicated to honoring traditional and modern techniques in a never-ending persuit of meeting the exceptional expectations of our exclusive clientele. Our careful upholstery, fabrication and design processes entail an intelligent balance of old and new methods, that when naturally combined, achieve the end result of quality and innovation that we perpetually aim for.